Here are some more teachings and testimonies for you to enjoy.

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Love & Forgive

This teaching came from Mark 11:13-25. Our words are so powerful, they can encourage and bless or damage and kill. This is Part 1 of my personal testimony of overcoming the betrayal of adultery. God can do amazing things in our life when we surrender it all to him.


God is Amazing

This is just one of many incredible encounters that I have had with Jesus. God longs to be in a relationship with his children. He loves you so much. Thanks for watching.


Mojitos to Ministry

God is so faithful to use us right where he finds us. Seek the Lord with all your heart lean not on your own understanding, He will direct our steps! Enjoy!


Single Parenting

Parenting is hard, but going at it alone is rough. God never intended us to go at it alone, but life happens. I have been a single parent through divorce and many years later due to the death of my husband. Be encouraged God sees you and He is for you.


Worry vs Worship

Life can come at us hard. What is your go to response? Worry or Worship? Jesus clearly tells us not to worry about anything...easier said than done. I have found that when I focus on what God says verses what my situation might be making me feel, God word removes fear and worry.


Book Reviews


Summer is almost over, but here is a great little book to read this Summer. Bob Goff's book Love Does is full of many anecdotes. It's a funny and delightful read full of hope and encouragement.  This book makes a great gift for a friend who needs a smile or a laugh. Love Does is very enjoyable.